Our Authors

Lorraine Hall

Christy Lorraine Hall (Lorraine) writes largely whimsical short stories, silly poetry, fairy Profile 1tales, children’s stories, and fantasy fiction for preteens and young adult readers under the pen names of Amarine Rose Ravenwood (for preteen, young adult, and miscellaneous writing), Mina Marial Nicoli (for children’s literature), and Phoebe Grant (for horror genre writing). She has been writing for the joy of it since she was around 9 years old. She also loves to draw and paint, play the piano, and garden. Lorraine is an English Writing major at University of Colorado Denver.


Alyssa Hohorst

Alyssa Hohorst is a Psychology student at the University of Colorado Denver. She aspiresFacetune_28-08-2018-21-15-53 to become a research psychologist and to study cognitive and evolutionary psychology between genders. Alyssa has recently become interested in writing and is excited about carrying this topic over and exploring women’s experiences in American society. When she’s not working on her degree, you can find Alyssa cooking, practicing photography, or bingeing true crime until she’s afraid to leave the house.


Angel Jameson

Angel Jameson is excited to foster her love of writing within this publication as she IMG_3855readies herself to graduate with a degree in English Writing from the University of Colorado Denver. Her interests lie in the observation of the social behaviors of her fellow humans; politics, religion, and how the two are intertwined; and equally importantly, the many facets of women in American society. Angel’s articles will likely revolve around her current experience as an independent woman who has chosen to be a stay-at-home mother.




Keira Mountain

HeadshotKeira Mountain has always had a love for books and literature. She is a full-time student at the University of Colorado at Denver in pursuit of a degree in English Writing, and hopes to find a place in the publishing industry as an editor after graduation. When she isn’t in class or at work, you can find Keira on her yoga mat, teaching at CorePower in Boulder, reading or cooking.




Julie Wright

Julie has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Writing from the University of Julie 1Colorado Denver. She has been writing in some format for the bulk of her life, so much so she eventually decided to pursue it as a career. She is passionate about people, but women, their inner strength, and their stories have a special hold on her interest. Julie’s fascination with the stories women tell is one of the driving impulses behind Julie’s contributions to this publication. Julie is also passionate about her family, books, cooking, books, nature, and did we mention books?