American Female Authors Who Have Influenced Us

A book is a dream you hold in your hands. —Neil Gaiman

This week at Graceful Grit, we discuss the American female authors that have influenced us. America has produced some truly inspirational and talented women, whose beautiful words allow us to see ourselves and the world around us in different ways.

In this week’s articles, we are sharing  insights into how these authors have influenced our lives, as well as how they have inspired our writing. These authors range widely in style and genre, making for varied and interesting perspectives.

First, Lorraine will tell us  how Madeleine L’Engle has inspired her to write in “A Loving Memory of Madeleine L’Engle.”

Next, Alyssa will  discuss the ways Whitney Cummings has inspired her own personal developmental journey in “Whitney Cummings’ Demonstration of Vulnerability in Writing.”

On Wednesday, Keira will talk about how Tamora Pierce’s writing has influenced her life and values in “The Song of the Lioness.”

On Thursday, Angel will share with us how Kristin Hannah has influenced her writing in “The Novels of Kristin Hannah.”

Finally, Julie will delve into the writings of Maya Angelou and what her writing means to her own life in “Me and Maya; A Love Letter.”


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Alyssa Hohorst is a Psychology student at the University of Colorado Denver. She aspires to become a research psychologist and to study cognitive and evolutionary psychology between genders. Alyssa has recently become interested in writing and is excited about carrying this topic over and exploring women’s experiences in American society. When she’s not working on her degree, you can find Alyssa cooking, practicing photography, or bingeing true crime until she’s afraid to leave the house.

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