Delicate Strength

Delicate Strength

In her very breath, she’s womanly:
Soft and calm; refined and elegant.
But beneath the soft, a strength of steel;
Intelligent, kind, clever, and relevant.

Indeed, her words may pierce or caress;
A sharp-edged tongue with a velvet underside;
It’s not a deceit, but a complexity;
A duality of form, undefined.

And while she nurtures, she is fierce;
Ready to defend; equally to solace.
While she is loved, held most dear,
She’s not liked by all, and hardly flawless.

The depth of her life contradicted by beauty;
The surface denying what lies underneath;
The softness of voice, that sounds so gentle
Deceiving in every vocal upbreathe.

For under the soft exterior shell,
lies the heart of a lioness, strong and resilient.
For what is all soft cannot fully exist,
The harshness of life creates a balance that’s brilliant.

When you go to judge by a beautiful face,
A beauty that’s elegant; decorated with grace,
Remember that softness belies a great strength,
A gentle exterior with an iron base.

~ Lorraine Hall

© Lorraine Hall 2018
Photo from Pixabay.

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Christy Lorraine Hall (goes by Lorraine or "Nina" - her nickname) writes largely whimsical short stories, silly poetry, fairy tales, children's stories, and fantasy fiction for preteens and young adult readers under the pen names of Amarine Rose Ravenwood (for preteen, young adult, and miscellaneous writing), Mina Marial Nicoli (for children’s literature), and Phoebe Grant (for horror genre writing). She has been writing for the joy of it since she was around 11 years old. She also loves to draw and paint, play the piano, and garden. Lorraine lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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