Week One: Mental Health

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. – Plutarch

Welcome to Graceful Grit!

In 2018, we talk more about our mental health than we ever have, before. As a society, we are getting more comfortable with concepts like self-care and mental wellness. We are learning to be gentler with ourselves and others. We have made progress; however, there is always something to learn and room to grow. In that spirit, this week, Graceful Grit will be delving into the topic of mental health and wellness.

Monday, Lorraine explores the importance of taking care of your own mental well being in, “Creativity for Mental Health.”

Tuesday, Alyssa uses her own experience to make a case for the men in our lives to embrace wellness in, “Why We Need Men To Seek Therapy.”

Wednesday, Keria talks about how she learned to truly listen to herself in, “Mindfulness and Meditation.”

Thursday, Angel explores the vital role female friends play in the lives of moms in, “Importance of a Tribe.”

Friday, Julie discusses the challenges of living with mental illness in, “A Normal Life.”

We are excited and thankful you are here. We hope you can join us all week as we jump into this important issue.

© Graceful Grit 2018

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Julie is a full-time student currently studying English Writing at the University of Colorado Denver. She has been writing in some format for the bulk of her life, and eventually decided, why not pursue it as a career? She is passionate about people, but women, their inner strength, and their stories have a special hold on her interest. Julie’s fascination with the stories women tell is one of the driving impulses behind Julie’s contributions to this publication. Julie is also passionate about her family, books, cooking, books, nature, and did we mention books?

One thought on “Week One: Mental Health

  1. Good work on summarizing your week! I love that this is a quick view of what to expect and what I want to be looking for. The topics all seem wonderfully connected and all seem relevant to your overall topic. Excited to read on!

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